5 Ways Video Can Build Your Business

November 13, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

It’s the marketing trend of 2019 you can’t ignore, no matter how much you’d like to pretend it doesn’t exist.

What am I talking about?

Plain, old video.

Now, video isn’t a new thing but it has progressed surely and steadily from grainy VHS to silly, Youtube videos to slick viral marketing campaigns. Long gone are the days of print media and spending a fortune on newspaper adverts. They still have their place of course, but if you want to make a real impact on the market then video is arguably the way to go.

We all know that video catches the eye much more than a wall of text. Consider your daily social media browsing: how many times do you quickly scroll past lengthy text but stop at a fun, informative video? It’s the medium that speaks a thousand words, but in bright, moving pictures.

The wonderful thing about video marketing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an effective clip that will convert to sales. Another good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to get in front of the camera to build your business. So, relax and read on.

5 ways video can build your business

1. It Draws Attention to your Brand

I know I mentioned previously that you don’t necessarily have to put your face in front of the camera but it can help because we all know that people buy from people! Consumers love to see the people behind the product and form an emotional connection. It encourages a sense of trust, builds confidence in your service and hopefully a boost in sales. The internet is a crowded marketplace but if you can portray yourself in a positive, professional and creative way through the medium of video your business can only benefit. If you really don’t want to show your face then consider a voice-over; after all, the focus should be on the product and the features and benefits that set it apart from its competition. If you’re worried about going over budget you can make your own video and there is definitely space for fun, amateurish clips online. However, if you main concern is portraying your business in a professional fashion then consider bringing in someone who knows what they’re doing!

My StoryShort video telling you a little about my background and how I became a professional photographer. This is a video on my about page.  Despite my reluctance to be in front of the camera (I much prefer being behind it), I continually get feedback from clients about how much they like it.  It helped them get a sense of who I am and what it would be like to work with me.

2. It Creates Brand Recognition

The more consumers see your product in full technicolour using a consistent medium, the more they will relate to and ultimately purchase from you. Simple. But when you’re running a small business marketing and promotion can easily slip down your list of priorities. It’s something you know you should do, but you’re far too busy to do it (and maybe a little bit nervous). Don’t worry, there is a wealth of online guidance like this starter pack from Hubspot that demonstrates how you can use video cheaply and effectively. However, consider outsourcing the job to a local professional if you don’t wish to dip your toe in video marketing.

3. Ask Your Customers to Do It For You

There’s nothing quite like hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Video testimonials, when done properly, can be a very effective marketing tool but make sure that you use real testimonials from real customers if at all possible (and if you can persuade them). Some video testimonials scream fakeness so keep authenticity at the forefront of your campaign.

Video testimonials like the one above not only promote your own brand but help your clients to get more exposure too.

4. Exclusive access to new products/services

Consumers love nothing better than being ‘in on the secret’, so why not give them early or exclusive access to a new product? You can do this via your email list or within a private online group. Or, alternatively, you can let the whole world know about it from your favoured social media platform. Consider giving people a sneak peek at the production process; it will give them a thrill to know that they’re some of the privileged few to see your work in action. I particularly like speeded up video clips of a process in motion. It’s quite mesmerizing and it gives the viewer a deeper understanding of your business, your ethos, your plans for the future (you get the picture).

This product launch video from a lighting company shows the benefits of their new design in a visual format. This is much easier for viewers to grasp than in long form text.

5. Vlogging is the new Blogging

Kids everywhere seem to have at least two YouTube channels these days, and entrepreneurs are regularly doling out solid business advice using the medium of video. Regardless of your thoughts on getting in front of the camera you can’t ignore the popularity and effectiveness of vlogging. In basic terms, vlogging is the video equivalent of blogging (putting your thoughts online in article format). Business and entrepreneurs use it as a form of content marketing (content that doesn’t explicitly sell a product but is intended to attract interest in the business) and it can be extremely compelling, especially if the person in front of the camera is engaging and authentic. Vlogs are published regularly via social media and/or on the business website and are generally treated fairly light-heartedly. They are great at maintaining a consistent level of interest and again, don’t need to be filmed in a professional setting.

This vlog style video is great way to share more about yourself.  If you are building a personal brand your clients will be interested to see more of what excites you and what else you get up to!

I hope at least one of these options will give you food for thought. The video medium isn’t going away so consider jumping onboard and find out how it can increase engagement and sales for your business.  Every year new technology makes it easier to use video content and with the roll out of 5g video looks like it will be the predominant way to share content going forward.


If you’d rather a professional came in to get your started then get in touch at: [email protected]

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