My Story

Prior to becoming a professional photographer I had a successful career in the lighting industry working as a sales director for a global company. In the video below I explain why I chose to give it up to become a professional photographer and videographer.


Why I became a photographerWhy I chose to become a photographer and videographer

 You can read more about my career change in my blog here

About Me

 I live and work near Kendal in Cumbria providing local and national commercial clients with photography and video production.  I specialise in food photography, property, and conveying the stories of innovative commercial enterprises with stunning visual imagery.

I am lucky enough to have been born and bred on the borders of the English Lake District.  Many of my younger days were spent outdoors on a friend's farm and the love of the outdoors has never left me. I now run my photography studio from a base near Kendal, and the beauty of the Lake District in all its weathers is a source of inspiration that I continue to draw upon.  Photography is rarely out of my thoughts, but when it is you may find me jogging round the countryside with my trusty four legged companion, Obi, or possibly riding through the lanes on my  CCM Spitfire (everyone deserves a mid life crisis!).  Many people tell me "I am living the dream".  In many ways I am, it can be hard work but I enjoy almost every moment.  I am great believer in "Life is what you make it!"  

Richard and his dog ObiRichard and ObiRichard and his dog Obi

Working with me

I am passionate about creating beautiful images and works of art.  I know that not every photograph or video can be a visual masterpiece, but that's my starting point, my vision.  Although I love to be creative and try out new ideas, I understand you have a business to run and you have worked hard to establish your brand image.  You will find I take a pragmatic and professional approach.  I will focus (no pun intended) on giving you a collection of great photos without causing massive disruption to your working day.

I find the best way to work is to meet with you first so I can understand your business and what you want to achieve.  I will then quote you a fair price and make it clear what is and what is not included. I will turn up on time on a date and that suits you. I  will deliver your images to meet your deadlines in the formats you require.  

It won't all be quite as serious as the above sounds, we will have a few laughs and some fun on the day of the shoot too!


What's Included:

  • Pre-shoot meeting to better understand the brief and more about your business
  • Development of ideas, mood boards (pinterest) to show concepts aligned to your brand development
  • A portfolio of images supplied in high and low resolution digital format
  • Props and location research if required  
  • Photographic Usage licence for all time, all rights (excluding wall art)
  • Fees start from £450+VAT for a half day session excluding post production through to a full day shoot at £800+vat.  Shorter sessions can be arranged for those needing just a 1-2 hour shoot.  Typically Food Photography (8-10 dishes) will cost £350 +VAT including post processing and Property Photography of a  3-4 bedroom home £295 + VAT including processing
  • What's not included:

  • Post production fees - these will be itemised with every quotation
  • Travelling costs if distance to photo shoot exceeds 1 hr travel time
  • Cost of props unique to the photo shoot
  • Fees for hiring photographic models if required