R Gill Photography | Video Creation and Editing

Video content on websites is becoming increasingly popular and important.  There are a number of benefits in using video including boosting Google ranking and increasing your sales - check out this blog post to learn more,

Below are a few examples of videos created for customers.

Food Glorious Food

A 1 minute video showing ingredients, food and drink. Created from photographic stills illustrating how to make a photo gallery much more interesting by adding some movement. 

Food Glorious FoodA slide show video of food dishes


Cow to Cone

A short 30 second teaser video showing how ice cream is made on a Victorian Farm Museum.  A longer version was also produced and is used on the farm to show visitors in more detail the ice cream making process. 

From Our Cows to Your Cone30 sec video showing the process of ice cream manufacture

A Journey through the English Lake District.

Produced for three major tourist attractions, Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, Windermere Cruises and the Beatrix Potter Museum.  The videos are used to promote these attractions to foreign tour operators.  It allows them to see a typical day out and what they could offer to overseas tourists. They have been particularly popular with the Chinese and Japanese tour companies 

From Haverthwaite to the Beatrix Potter MuseumA video showing a journey by steam train and boat. Starting at Haverthwaite stations and cruising up Windermere lake to visit the Beatrix Potter museum in Bowness


Stop Motion Video

An attention grabbing way to tell your clients about your product or service. If you think your product is boring or difficult to video then stop motion video could be the solution. Inanimate objects can be brought to life and move across the screen in an engaging way to attract attention.  Here is a typical example.

Have a Smashing EasterStop motion video of some Easter Eggs

1 Week, 1 Second a Day Videos

A collection of videos of different themes all created by filming 1 second of video on 7 days.

One Dog, 7 Days in 7 SecondsA short video about a cute dog. 1 second of video was filmed per day for 7 days 7 days 7 Seconds - FoodA video with a food related theme. 1 second of video was filmed every day for 7 days

7 Seconds Landscape & Nature7 seconds of video filmed with a landscape and nature theme. Created by filming 1 second of video per day.