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The best 3 videos you can make to boost your business?

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The three videos you make need to help your buyer progress through the journey they go on when buying your product or service .  This journey can be broken down into three stages Buyer journey Graphic showing buyers journey

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision 


If you have a well developed opportunity funnel then you will have buyers at each point of the journey and you need different videos to cover all three stages. The video you make needs to provide the information that the buyer needs at each stage of the journey.


In this period the buyer has started to realise he has a problem or opportunity. They are looking to get educated and fully define their problem. You can get some good ideas of the subjects you need to cover in your video from keyword research.  If you know what your buyer is searching for then you can make a video to answers those questions.  This stage is about gathering new leads so you will be sharing the videos on social media and anywhere that your buyer hangs out.  You have a solution to your buyer's problem / opportunity but your buyer does not know you yet or that you have that solution.   Typically at this stage you will make informative and educational videos.  This might be a video version of your blog or an overview of a relevant topic. For example if you sell domestic appliances you could make a video covering all the different types of washing machine and the benefits of each type.

Here's another example:   5 Activities to teach your child how to deal with anxiety


At this stage the buyer has a well defined problem or opportunity and is researching the solutions.  This is when you want to build trust and show them that you are a respected authority on the subject they are researching.  Videos at this stage will again be more educational but the subject matter will be more specific.  "How to" or webinar / tutorial style videos are perfect.  You will not be pushing your specific product or service, but giving your buyer quality information so that they can make an informed decision at the next stage.  You are establishing your company as a respected authority on a subject.  To go back to the previous example of a domestic appliance retailer you could make a video giving 5 tips on how to select the perfect washing machine for a growing family.

Here's another example: How to replace a fridge thermostat


This is the point when the buyer is shortlisting the solutions to their problem or opportunity.  Videos you use for this stage should help convince the buyer that you have the right solution and are the best company to work with.  You can do this using video testimonials, or a detailed review of your product or your company.  It is good to have a personal touch in these videos.  This is your chance to show what is unique about your business, how you are different from your competitors and give your buyer confidence that you are the right supplier for them. For our domestic appliance retailer you could make a testimonial video from a happy customer.

Here's another example: James Cropper - Tailor made packaging

To summarise, the best 3 videos you can make would be one for each stage of the buying process e.g. an educational video, a "How to" video and a testimonial video.  In this way you have video working for you at every stage of the process.  As you build up your library of videos you will naturally have more content covering the awareness stage, then a good number of videos for the consideration stage and a smaller number for the decision stage.

If you haven't the time or inclination to make those yourself then give me a call on 07557 780336 or email me.  Or you can learn more about my video service here: 



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