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How do you market an unsexy product?

May 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

How do you market an unsexy productHow do you create interesting content for a product or service that is very technical or a bit unsexy

To get people interested in your story you need to see things from their point of view.  To empathise with them.  Before I became a professional photographer I sold industrial lighting.  Not a sexy product and normally one where you spend lots of time talking about light distribution and lumens/watt and other technical issues  — are you already getting bored? One of the applications for the products was in the dairy farming industry as the light source in the farm buildings where the cows spend the night or winter months.  If you have ever tried selling something to farmers you know what a tough gig that can be!

I could talk to them about all the great features and benefits the lighting had - It was sealed to IP66 so it wouldn’t let dust or moisture in.  An LED light source so it came on instantly, saved energy, an IK rated lens that wouldn’t leave nasty glass splinters anywhere if it got smashed, easy to control ….yada, yada, yada, yada.

Truth is while these were all great benefits it was not something farmers really care about.  The one thing dairy farmers really care about is the price of milk!  So as soon as I said “when the price of milk falls by 10% you can dim these lights so they use less electricity.  You can maintain the same profit margins because you can cut what you spend on electricity by 10%  without affecting your productivity.”  Now I had their attention.

In today's world of digital content and sharing on social media I would create a short case study video showing this story.  Then target all the people on Linkedin or Facebook (or where ever your audience hangs out) who work for diary equipment suppliers or manufacturers. They were the people who would sell this lighting to farmers.  Maybe there is a LinkedIn or Facebook group for dairy farmers where I can share the post too.  - I am sure you get the point 

The best content you can create - is simple stories that see things from your customers view point or even your customer’s customer.  Then target it to that audience.  

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