4 Videos You Can Make Right Now To Build Your Business

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Making video marketing a part of your overall content marketing strategy sounds like a great idea. You know you should be doing it, you’ve watched other businesses succeed with it, but there’s something stopping you. It could be a dash of that famous British reserve, lack of time, or the belief that you don’t possess the requisite skills. It might be all three. 

The good news is that you can make video marketing work for your business, and you won’t necessarily have to show your face. Let’s explore 4 different kinds of videos you can make right now that will help you communicate your brand message to potential new customers.

Before we go any further, remember that:

  • You don’t need a lot of equipment to make a great video - a smartphone, a tripod, a plain backdrop and good lighting is a great start. 
  • Perfection is not the end goal - your video should communicate your message in a clear and engaging manner. Aiming for perfection will hinder, not help, the creative process.
  • You should know your audience - by understanding your ideal customer you can anticipate their needs. You can do this by asking current customers for feedback and talking to them about any issues they’re experiencing. Use this valuable information to shape your video.


For a practical introduction to making your first video, click here.

The steps involved in video marketing are pretty much the same regardless of the type of clip you’re making:

  1. The topic you choose will depend on your business goal and the needs of your target audience;
  2. To ensure you don’t go off topic (or film a 30-minute clip when a 10-minute one would do) I suggest creating a storyboard and script;
  3. If you don’t want to appear on camera record your narration using a decent microphone and your chosen software (there are a number of options including, among others, Audacity, Apple GarageBand and QuickTime Player);
  4. Check out video marketing from other professionals - my ‘Nifty Fifty Photographers’ Youtube channel is a great example of short instructional clips.


A ‘How to’ or instructional video

Aren’t we lucky to live in a time where it only takes a few seconds to search for and find solutions? Gone are the days of thumbing through thick instructional manuals or waiting for someone else to step in and save the day. Now we can (mostly) do it ourselves.

Educational videos are incredibly popular with audiences of all ages. Where a lengthy article can be difficult to navigate, a well structured video is much more accessible. If you can problem solve through the magic of video marketing it’s worth taking the time to explore how instructional videos may help build your brand. 


How you can use ‘How to’ videos

  • To build trust in your brand
  • To showcase a product or service
  • As part of a sales funnel process 
  • To communicate a solution to pain points experienced by your target audience.


New Product Information

By featuring new product videos on your site and social media you have the potential to send conversion rates through the roof.

Just as successful brand copy focuses on benefits over features, so should your product marketing video content. Highlighting how your product can solve your viewer’s pain points will take you a step closer to winning loyal customers. 

Write a sharp, attention-grabbing script with a focus on demonstrating how your product will fit into your customer’s busy life and make it better. Infuse your clip with your unique personality and brand ethos to connect with customers, old and new.

Your product video should feature excellent photography; if you need help with making your product look great, get in touch

Complete your clip with a clear call to action, whether that’s directing people to your website or social media.

Customer Testimonial

Before we part with our cash on a product we check out customer reviews. Testimonials reassure us that what we’re buying is value for money and good quality. The better the testimonial the more likely we are to spend, because we trust the brand. After all, word of mouth is marketing at its simplest and most effective.

Start with a willing happy customer and ask them to get in front of the camera and rave about your product. The key here is authenticity; viewers will be able to tell the difference between a legitimate customer and a paid actor reading from a script. They respond to and are driven by emotion; by connecting on an emotional level with your reviewer, they are more likely to engage with your brand.


A ‘Thank You’ clip

We all appreciate a thank you from time to time; an acknowledgement that what we’re doing is appreciated. So there’s nothing stopping you from recognising the part your loyal customers play in the success of your business. 

By expressing your gratitude with a short video you can forge an even stronger bond with your audience. You can send it to your subscribers as part of an email marketing campaign, post it on your social media platforms or upload it to Youtube. You could use your video to thank one specific client.


Tips for your first thank you video

  • Be yourself - this is where I don’t recommend a tight script and advise a casual, sincere approach. However, keep your end goal in mind, otherwise you could start to ramble and lose people.
  • Keep it short and specific - a lengthy clip will only bore viewers. After all, this video is about them, not you, and we know how short the average attention span is. If you’re thanking people for something very specific, make sure this comes across clearly in your clip.
  • Simplicity is key - thank you videos are about your customers, not you. A flashy clip might come across as a little disingenuous.




I hope this article has reassured you of the accessibility of video marketing. It’s certainly not just for larger corporations and can be easily adapted to suit your budget, goals and abilities. If you would like some help with your video marketing, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat.



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