It is probably the first photograph that prospective buyers or customers see when they visit your website or listing. An exterior shot of the front of your house or building. This is the money shot.  The front cover of your brochure, a key image on your website or the first picture a potential buyer sees on property search engines like Rightmove.  Well composed interior photographs are often the most difficult to achieve. And if you are trying to sell a house  they can be the most important photos you need.   Getting the balance of exposure right between a dark interior and the stunning view from a brightly lit window requires more than just a good camera.  It needs a property photographer who understands how to balance the light and achieve a photograph that shows your building at its best.  As well as having extensive experience of taking this kind of photo I have also have some special equipment that can give you a shot with the wow factor.

Wide angle lenses and supplementary lighting for those difficult to photograph rooms.  To see more examples of property photography take a look here - property portfolio

R Gill, Property Photographer, House by a CanalR Gill, Property Photographer, House by a CanalHouse situated by a canal, with its reflection in the water R Gill, Property Photographer,  Open Plan KitchenR Gill, Property Photographer, Open Plan KitchenOpen plan kitchen in a modern house