It is always interesting for me to work with artisan producers.  In contrast to todays fast paced lifestyle you have the challenge of running businesses that are reverting back to the values of traditional skills and techniques to make a product that has unique value. Yours is a fascinating story, how you run your business, the historical processes or methods you use.  

The charm of your products lies in the heritage,  the understanding of time-honoured systems, the care and attention in choosing the raw materials and ingredients. Savvy consumers recognise this and enjoy the pleasure of eating wholesome food that not only tastes delightful, but is beneficial to their health.  They recognise the quality and beauty of hand made products that will last longer than their lifetime and they share their experience on social media. 

The paradox is that although your product may be made using classical techniques your marketing needs to embrace modern digital methods.  You need a constantly updated stock of images that tell your story, that show your mouth watering produce or hand crafted product.  This is where I can help, by getting to know you and your business, I can create some inspiring images to show off your product and show your consumers how much goes into what you do.

   To see some more examples take a look here - artisan portfolio

Baker with a handful of seedsBaker with a handful of seedsA close up of a baker's cupped hands holding seeds.




Sharpening the axeSharpening the axeAxe head being sharpened