20% off our normal fees - that could save you £190!

Anyone booking a food photoshoot to be taken during August  will receive 20% of the normal fees including post processing charges.  

Orange and Whisky Ginger CakeOrange and Whisky Ginger CakeOrange and Whisky Ginger Cake Chocolate NanciesChocolate NanciesChocolate Nancies, including cranberries, pistachios and apricots

To see some examples of food photos click here

The discount applies to our normal fees as described below:

What's Included:

  • Pre-shoot meeting to understand the brief and more about your business
  • Development of ideas, mood boards (pinterest) to show concepts aligned to your brand development
  • A collection of images supplied in high and low resolution digital format
  • Prop and location research if required  
  • Usage licence for all time, all rights (excluding wall art)
  • Fees start from £350+vat for a half day session excluding post production through to a full day shoot at £600+vat.  Shorter sessions can be arranged for those needing just a 1-2 hour shoot.  --20% off these fees