Why you should be using video

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6 Reasons why you should be Using Video Content in your Marketing


1) People Like It!

It is one of the most convenient ways to get a lot of information across to your audience quickly and efficiently.  Food and fitness businesses have really embraced this. Just take a look at the success of people like Joe Wicks  who has more than 2 million followers on instagram to see how powerful video marketing can be. 

2) It's Mobile User Friendly.

The use of mobiles for accessing the internet is continuing to increase. It's much easier for someone looking at your website to watch a short video clip than to scroll through a page of text especially when they are looking at it on a small screen.

3) It Builds Trust.  

For a consumer to be able to see the real face of the company helps to build trust.  This is true for businesses that trade just online as well as new customers browsing the website of a bricks and mortar business.  When they first visit your site they dont have a relationship with you and haven't experienced your service or product.  Video is a great way to engage with them giving them confidence and explaining what you are about and what you do. 

4) It Improves your SEO Rankings.  

According to moovly you are 53 times more likely to show up on page 1 of Google if you have a video embedded on your website.  

5) It Gives your Business a Personality.  

If you include people in your video it immediately gives your audience a face to your business (see point3).   You can make it serious or lighthearted - whatever personality you want to create just be sure that you chose the right one for your company.

6) It increases sales.  

Not only can you showcase your products you can explain them.  If you have a complex product and want to show your audience the benefits in a simple and effective way then video is an ideal way to do it.  You can show them quickly and easily all the great things about the product, how it compares to your competitors, how easy it is to use, and what benefits it will give them.  You can also create explainer videos, -  how to fit or install your product for example.  These have all been proven to increase sales.

Don't where to start?

Ok - you understand why you need video but you don't know what to post.  Here are a couple of ideas that are quick and easy to create.

1) If you are a small business then a great video to make is one that tells your clients about you.  Imagine you are being interviewed by a journalist.  Write down a few questions that you would like them to ask about you and your business and them film yourself answering the questions.  You can break this down into a series of short videos that you can then post on a regular basis.

Here is an example I made myself

How I became a photographerWhy I gave up a dream job to become a professional photographer

2) Product review:  why not review one of the products you sell.  Explain the key features and benefits of the product and film yourself whilst you go through them


If you would like some video content creating for you or some training on how to create your own videos then give me a call on 07557 780336 or send me an email



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